Contract Coal and Natural Gas Loading

Since 1996, G&W’s subsidiary Rail Link, Inc.?has been offering contract coal loading services to customers in the Powder River Basin (PRB). In addition, Rail Link provides mine site train operations, locomotive inspections, railcar inspections and mine site communications through its Network Operations Center (NOC) in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.?

Rail Link is also in the chemical switching business, switching and loading crude trains out of the PRB since 2013 and recently expanding operations to include a gas facility for switching propane, butane and natural gas.?

Benefits to using Rail Link’s contract coal, crude and natural gas loading services:

  • Safety – 14 of G&W's 15?Rail Link PRB operations completed 2017?injury-free.
  • Experience – In 2017?alone, Rail Link PRB?operations loaded 235,568,665 tons of coal in the PRB, which accounts for approximately 33% of all coal burned in the U.S. ?Rail Link has been safely and efficiently switching two crude oil facilities, one gas facility and one chemical facility since 2009.
  • Efficiency – The NOC offers 24/7, 365 coverage and aims to prevent load locks at mine sites and bring railroad crews to a site just as the last car on the train is loaded. Its?short-line approach also allows Rail Link to give world-class customer service and build lasting relationships. ?

Rail Link continually invests in people, equipment, processes and technology to improve asset utilization, reduce costs and increase coal shipment volumes.?


Mike Peters
Chief Commercial Officer
Genesee & Wyoming
Railroad Services, Inc.

(904) 999-3352

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