Access to the Australian Rail Network

Genesee & Wyoming Australia operates two regulated networks in South Australia and the Northern Territory.?

The South Australian network is managed under the Railways (Operations & Access) Act 1997. The Essential Service Commission of South Australia is the regulator appointed under that Act. Information on the Commission’s role and the operation of the Act may be found in the Information Kit on its website.

The Essential Service Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA)?

The Northern Territory Network is managed under the AustralAsia Railway (Third Party Access) Act 1999 and Code. The Essential Service Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) regulates this Act and Code. Guidelines on how they manage the act, can be found on their website

The links below provide further information about the?networks, the Access application and process as well as an application form. Any further questions regarding?access applications should be directed to Genesee & Wyoming Pty Ltd (GWA) and GWA North Pty Ltd (GWAN).

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